One of the unique strengths of the KidCEO School program is the mentoring groups we establish. The mentors are trusted adults from the local business community who are current or past business owners or entrepreneurs. These can include retired people who have time and experience to share with kids.

Here is the job description for a mentor:

  • Must be a good role model of honesty and integrity
  • Must enjoy coaching youngsters in businesses practices– mainly troubleshooting financial, marketing and other general logistical problems (Not producing items or services)
  • Must have a working knowledge of business practices from life experience
  • Must be relatively successful in their business
  • Must pass a background check
  • Must be well-known in the local community or to a parent of a student
  • Preferably not a parent of the mentored student
  • Must be positive and encouraging
  • Must be available to coach a group of 4 youth at a time for 1 hour weekly usually during school or after school. FaceTime meetings can occur in a schedule conflict.
  • Must want to change the life of a young person forever
  • May help to find local investors to be the “Sharks” in the KidCEO Shark Tank.