Business Ideas

KidCEO School has a collection of over 500+ business ideas that students in grades 1-12 can put to work. Most of these are “kid-tested, mother approved,” by real kids in real places. Other suggestions are just waiting for an intrepid KidCEO to make them a reality.

The list is age-graded according to abilities of the children. In addition to our 500 ideas, we inspire creativity in our students so that they can generate their own possibilities which haven’t even been thought-up yet!

When you partner with KidCEO School, your students can access these business ideas immediately. Some of our ideas have simple business plans already outlined, ready for kids to add their personal touch. Others are open to their imagination and inspiration. At KidCEO School, we have found that kids need to try a few ideas before they find something that will work– and we are here to support that process!

Meanwhile, if you want some ideas of things children can do for work, please go to my good friend’s site to get started.