KidCEO School is much more than an entrepreneur course for kids. KidCEO School creates positive change for individuals, families, and society as a whole.

It can solve virtually every key problem cited in this video:

For Students:

  • They can achieve great success even though they may disadvantaged
  • They start earning REAL rewards through hard work and optimism
  • Their work benefits them and their family directly and society indirectly.
  • They develop a healthy identity based on work, contribution, achievement (not their  athletic prowess, physical appearance, GPA, Standardized test scores, acceptance into elite schools)
  • They develop the ability to delay gratification – an indicator of future life success
  • They can pay for their own schooling (perhaps including college)
  • They develop new respect for reading, writing and arithmetic and other school  subjects.
  • They develop better focus (less Attention Deficit Disorder Symptoms)
  • They spend less time on screens being molded by popular culture and liberal media
  • They learn to organize and execute around goals and to work efficiently
  • They learn how finances and taxes work in the “real world.”
  • They develop grit, creativity, courage, responsibility, and a service mindset
  • They spend their effort on skills that will change their lives, not just playing a sport that can get them hurt and they never play again after high school
  • They become skeptical of government dependence because they see government taxation and regulations as oppressive
  • They learn teamwork
  • They learn to sell themselves and communicate with enthusiasm
  • They learn to be realistic optimists and take calculated risks for rewards.
  • They connect with adults in the community whose expectations create real guidance and a reality check for them.
  • The cycle of perpetual, irresponsible adolescence is halted
  • They can choose to start a non-profit organization and use their salary to pay tuition, etc. if they want.
  • Students learn skills that can make them financially independent and resilient for a lifetime.
  • It can create a way out of the cycle of poverty even for inner city kids.
  • Students AND their parents receive support and coaching as they learn to be business owners so the risk is minimized.
  • The kids find other, like-minded friends who work hard and want to make a contribution to the world.
  • They have less anxiety and depression, suicide and self harm
  • Get relief from impossible expectations and pressure to perform at an elite level to get scholarships to expensive schools
  • They have meaningful work to accomplish, not busy work that simply fills their time
  • They have goals to accomplish besides “leveling up” on video games and getting depressed with social media
  • They contribute to the family welfare as children have done for every generation except the last 2 “snowflake” generations.
  • They become grounded in reality instead of magical thinking.
  • They use their youthful energy in useful, goal-oriented achievement.
  • They have less body image issues and eating disorders because they realize their value doesn’t just come from looking like a celebrity or a model.
  • They can choose work that makes a positive contribution to the world.
  • Children with learning disabilities can find genuine success and reasons to work hard.

For Families:

  • Parents can afford private school even with large families
  • Parents don’t have to spend their time doing homeschool to provide an education    that is safe, values affirming, and excellent.
  • Parents who can’t homeschool aren’t trapped in the government school system
  • Their children’s friends will be hardworking, ambitious kids.
  • Parents can stay connected in a positive way with their children via their business.
  • Children will get admitted to good colleges because of their real accomplishments.
  • Children can help to pay for college or even pay for college completely.
  • The parents learn about entrepreneurship and can start their own businesses.

For Schools:

  • Private schools are viable since the financial burden on parents is lifted.
  • Private schools with the Kid CEO Enterprise program can offer a “value-added”          benefit over other schools
  • The student body is more resilient, happy, and goal-oriented
  • Students have fewer mental health issues
  • Private schools can flourish without government or corporate interference
  • The students can help each other’s business flourish through networking and       providing support services.

For Society:

  • Youngsters are productive and less inclined to trouble and crime
  • Students are not trained to be takers, they are trained to be makers:
  • Students give of their time, talents, resources to meet the needs of others in a sustainable, mutually beneficial way.
  • Older and younger generations connect in positive ways.
  • Students are independent and self-sufficient, not on “educational welfare.”
  • College tuition may decrease if students are paying out-of-pocket instead of with inflated scholarships and student loans.
  • KidCEO School makes “snowflakes” into “snow shovels”.