KidCEO School was founded by a Master’s Level Clinical Mental Health Counselor and mother of 7 children, Joan Landes. She has always wanted the finest education for her kids, but couldn’t afford private school. Like most middle-class families who are disenchanted with government schools, Joan engaged in homeschooling as her only viable alternative. But not every family can homeschool, and as children get older, they need healthy peer interaction for optimal development. What to do?

Joan has the heart of an entrepreneur and is committed to rearing children who are proactive, resilient, creative, and industrious. She found that having her own children start their own businesses created character traits that are impressive and enduring. They were able to pay for almost all their post-high school education themselves without taking out massive students loans, and they learned to be service-oriented go-getters. What’s not to like about that?

Additionally, Joan is a psychotherapist who has worked as a counselor in a community agency, private agencies, a faith-based agency, charter school and residential treatment centers for teen girls. In these settings with teens, she has seen how students who are struggling with depression and anxiety can be inspired and motivated by the idea of running their own small businesses.

“They light up like a Christmas tree!” Joan says, “Supporting their desire to be entrepreneurs is one of the best ways to validate their worth and abilities. They are empowered to make their dreams come true, and are motivated to achieve meaningful goals.” She finds that is often an important step to assist depressed or anxious teens to move past their mood disorders.

KidCEO School provides the consultants and curriculum for schools who want to teach their students to be entrepreneurs. For private schools, Kid CEO School can make the difference between a successful school and one that flounders financially. Find out what we can do for your school!


Thank-you for your interest!

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