Many families feel trapped in the public schools, can’t homeschool and can’t pay for private school. Now, KidCEO School makes private school affordable!

KidCEO School teaches students in grades 1-12 how to run their own small business. With those earnings, the students can pay their own private school tuition – then spend the rest on whatever else they want.

KidCEO School finally gives families the option of choosing a superior education no matter the size of their family or financial status. This can change everything!

Summary of the Intro Video:

  • Children today are struggling emotionally, academically, and socially
  • Many families feel trapped in government schools that are not a good fit for their children
  • Every family can afford to put their children in private school by teaching their kids to earn their own tuition by running their own small business.
  • Government schooling is like “educational welfare” that breeds entitlement and disengagement
  • When children learn to work at a young age they develop the true GRIT that their grandparents had
  • When families can afford private schooling, we can change the educational landscape instead of begging the government or schools to change.
  • We have forgotten to teach our children the work ethic that the Greatest Generation developed through working as youngsters on the farm and in family business.
  • Having a small business sets kids apart from the pack when they apply for college.
  • Having a small business can provide funds for college.
  • Having a small business can provide success and achievement for the large number of children who aren’t geniuses, great athletes, or fashion models.
  • Having a small business gives kids “real world” feedback and rewards rather than grades or trophies that they might find meaningless.
  • Having a small business creates motivation to understand math, writing, communication, service, integrity, and the work ethic.
  • KidCEOSchool offers curriculum, coaching and workshops to private schools but will offer an online course for individual families very soon. Stay tuned!